Changing the text in a textblock in 4.7 changes ALL the textblocks (UMG)

When i try to change the text in a text block in UMG it doesn’t change unless i press compile, and when i compile it, it changes ALL of the text blocks to the text i have set to the first textblock created.

For example, i would create a text block, and i would create another textblock, lets say i change the first textblock to say “Crafting”, it won’t change from “Textblock” to “Crafting” right away unless i compile, and after i compile, it sets the second textblock i have created to ALSO say “Crafting”

it’s very annoying and i know it never EVER used to do this before. i never had any problems with the text in UMG, and when i used to change the text, it used to change instantly whenever i would press enter, but know it’s all messed up. i would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Hello? can anyone help me?

Having the same issues here with the latest build of 4.7