Changing the streaming distance of a level in world composition

Hello, I’m hoping to get an answer to this problem I am running in to. My landscape in ue4 is about 20kmx20km, and I can’t seem to set a streaming distance that is viable to see a larger portion of the world in-play. It of course loads in the editor, however, the streaming distance is way too small in-game. I still need the streaming for performance purposes, Though if I could get an answer as to how exactly I could change the streaming distance for the world in-game. The streaming volumes prove to be ineffective (or at least I’m not using them correctly).

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Take a look at my comment about streaming distance and layers here:

thank you!!!

Make sure you have setup streaming distances. Sub-levels streaming distance is set in layers (top bar in world composition minimap window). By default all sub-levels assigned to ‘Uncategorized’ layer, which has streaming distance = 50000 units, which is 500 meters. When your camera is further than that distance sub-level will be replaced with simplified version, if it has one.
You can create your own layers with your own streaming distance and assign sub-levels to it. Just add a new layer by clicking ‘+’ button, load sub-levels → right click on them → assign to layer → save.
Simplified sub-levels also have their streaming distances, which can be specified in LOD details panel, when camera is further than that distance simplified sub-level will be unloaded.

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