changing the sound a weapon makes when swinging it?

does anyone know how this would be done or could give any help on it



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I was looking around at this I couldn’t find anything involving the swing sound in the blueprint. What I did find though was that under the weapon torch in the animation sequence they have a Anim Notify set up with the sound cue for the torch swing attached to it. I don’t know that much about animations in Unreal Engine but I hope this helped some.

thanks for the quick replies both of you but yea i tried those steps in the pics before i posted and it doesnt seem to effect melee weapons at all

It is not under the animations. I just checked out of curiosity. It is in fact underneath the Surface Impact Sounds section in WeapHatchet_impacts (First Screenshot)

hey bro thanks that helped a ton that worked like a charm just have to change it there

No problem :slight_smile:

Glad to be of help

thats if you want to make a different sound on impact of an object i just wanted to change the swing animation and his idea was right you can add a sound that way or just change the default ones

Ah, didn’t realize you meant the literal “swing” sound. Thought you we’re asking about weapon sounds in general in the OP. My apologies. Doh. In that case, then it would be done under the animation via a cue in most cases (not all though)