Changing the range of values of the Progress Bar

Hello. I am interested whether there’s a posibillity to change the range of values o Progress Bar. For instance, I have a Stamina Value to display and it ranges from 0 to 100, when Progress Bar displays the values from 0 to 1. Is there a way to change this except changing the value of Stamina?


You can use Normalize to Range node for normalize your data for Progress Bar 0-1 range. And To Percent node for output text data in percents.

This is example widget with 2 spin boxes components, progress bar component, 2 text components for labels and one text component for output in percent.

Select Slider and Bind function to Percent field.

Get data for “Max Range” and “Current Number” and normalize range.

Select text element for percentage and bind function to Text

And how it works.


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I see that for normalizing to range you create separate binding and use variables which you create inside the Graph. I myself want to do such a trick with a character reference from Cast to ThirdPersonCharacter.
Is there a way how I can make Normalize to range with a character reference?

You can normalize inside your characters and directly send this data to progress bar.

Yes, I tried to do so, but it does something with my variable what I can’t understand. So as my Default Stamina Value is 100 I want to set it’s range to from 0 to 100. But when I start the game, the value of Stamina falls to 0,2 , then 0,0102, etc. Can you explain what I am doing wrong?

Ok, I think I have made what I wanted, but still, can you explain what I have asked you about in the last comment, please?


You need normalize data only for Percet parameter in progress bar component. In all other cases, you should use data directly from your Stamina variable.

I add this setup to character for example

This is bind for StaminaPB

this is bind for Stamina real data

This is bind for Stamina in percent

And result