Changing the pivot point on fbx imported animation to local


Is there a way to change an imported fbx animation cycle from say, mixamo, from world space to local?
I want to be cable to blend cycles via the sequencer and not so familiar with the BPs,.
I know that can be done but i need to push everything through sequencer.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


OK so this gets a bit tricky as all things imported into UE4 is based on world space. For that matter animation in all apps is based on world space with the exception of when the object in question requires to be manipulated in real time, like a video game for example.

The easy way is to animate using root motion which once again is relatable in all other 3d environments besides a video game. A good example of this is the free Matinee project where all the animations are done verbose so your not so much using UE4 as a video game engine but as a rendering option using sequencer in the same manner as a video editor.

So once again the traditional answer is “it depends” on what it is that your attempting to do but if your after the render the b4etter option would be to author the animations in an external application and stage the work in UE4.

The better answer is to take apart the Matinee and Sequencer examples.

This though is a bit confusing.

“Is there a way to change an imported fbx animation cycle from say, mixamo, from world space to local?”

All things imported into UE4 is by default based on world space as the local space is defined by the parent the child is attached to. This is where it gets tricky as there is no world local space until one is created as being relative as to simulate objects. The Character BP for example defines the forward vector relative to world space and your local transform becomes relative to the movement component capsules world space. (head explodes)

This all being in general though if you give an explanation of the overall project someone might be able to offer a better option.

Firstly, Thanks for the response. I really appreciate it.
I was always aware that the fbx exports from any 3d program, whether, Maya or Mixamo, is always defaulting the pivot to worldSpace, but thought there must be a way to keep the pivot local with the characters translations.

We managed to get the pivot set to local on a mocap cycle by using “Root Motion” options in the animation sequence, asset details panel. It actually worked well.
Thats at my work place though.

When i try this methos on the Mixamo fbx it basically kills any transforms on the animation sequence. So it kinda works but not really.
Its weird cause it didn’t do that with the Mocap rig test we did at my work.

BTW, I’m not an animator. But have been dealing with a lot of Mocap and messing around with some of the Mixamo animation of late. Im wanting to use weights to blend between pose/animation sequences.

Its all good if the cycles are say, running, Running to idle etc, and done at origin with no translation.

I’ll keep investigating .
I did look to see if Mixamo exported local - but doesn’t look like it.

Thanks for the feedback man.