Changing the order of Enum will not change the references in DataTable

1)create a enum type in BP


2)create a struct for data table


3)create a data table that references the enum above


4)insert a new element to the enum


5)the type value changed in the data table


Hi windywang,

While I was able to reproduce this, I did some digging and found this is a known issue. This was marked as “Won’t Fix”. The error is not in the Data Table editor, but with the serialization of enum values. Because they are bytes, the enum selection is considered to be, effectively, the N enum on the list, whatever that may be set to. If you close and re-open the data table editor, you will see that the enum updates to the new selection and can be changed freely from there.

Bumping this because this issue makes data tables effectively worthless if they include enums that are still wip. Every other blueprint in the engine can update properly when an Enum is changed, surely this isn’t difficult to apply to data tables as well.

Going through masses of data table entries and fixing them one by one is not a “solution”.

What Envieous said.
im bumping this, because really, wtf?
With this, there is basically no option for dropdowns on unreal engine.
If you try and use one and ever make a change it breaks all your data tables.

Thats completly insane, wtf?

please fix this!

Unlike what that person said, the error IS in the data table editor!
the serialization of enum values is referenced corrected by blueprints.
If you make a Enum, add it to a blueprint, then use switch on (that enum), select one, then reorder them, the blueprint correctly adjusts the references!

BUT any data tables won’t! This means the Enum editor itself is making internal order changes, and blueprints are (correctly) looking for (the row) not the ID number, while the table editor is incorrectly looking for row# instead of the row itself. >:((((

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Hey i saw you heart my post within like 60 seconds of me posting it before.

I was thinking of making a marketplace plugin that will deal with this, and a few other issues with data tables, especially sub-structures.

I was wondering if you were open to collaborating? I am new, and could use the insight of the needs and use cases of someone more experienced. :slight_smile:

I know nothing about plugins and very little about C++ in general unfortunately. So I don’t really have the know how to fix this problem in Unreal.

I solved the problem by just using excel for data tables instead lol.

How did you deal with reading information from excel?
Also i was just gonna make it in blueprints.
(And i already lunged into making it, no promises on actually finishing it tho)

I got the same issue. I can’t believe this isn’t fixed yet

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