Changing the name and stats of a dinosaur

I have been looking through threads for a couple days now and have made 0 progress on the changes I am attempting. I am trying to do 2 things:

  1. Change the name of dinos. For my testing I have been trying to change Trike to Triceratops.

  2. Change the amount of stat gain for each level applied to a tamed Dino.

I have a working mod that loads, but none of my changes take effect in game. I have tried:

  1. copying Trike_Character_BP, renamed it, made changes, compiled, saved and cooked. No difference

  2. tried using remap NPC in the gamedata BP to map Trike_Character_BP to Trike_Character_BP_edited. No difference

  3. Tried changing Trike_Character_BP to Trike_Character_BP_edited in the grassland and jungle spawner BPs and in the gamedata BP remapped the original spawner BPs to the new spawner BPs. No difference

What am I doing wrong/missing??

So in the Trike_Character_BP did you type “description” and change that name? because that is the one you need to change. Once you Remap the Dino spawn in the gamedata you need to wait for a new dino to spawn in game, all previous dino already in game prior to the mod install will not be take the change.


You can delete (or move the saved files elsewhere for the time being) your local host saved data and start a fresh game so all trikes are now renamed from the start

As for the BP which changes stats (other than base dmg), that is not officially supported in the Dev kit currently since it can not be parented.

I got on the modding IRC last night and the guys there helped me out big time. Now my last task is to find out where torp per level for wild dinos is defined. Doesn’t seem to be in the characterstatus bp