changing the model of items after initial creation ark dev kit

sorry in advance for all the broken english this is very late at night

so i have been working on a mod that has all the different guns as plant soecieas X varrieants so they all shoot the projectile of the plant specieas x and i edited the damage speed scale and look of the projectile

i have so far

pistol rocket launcher sniper rifle and assoult rifle varreiants of the specieas x projectile

now i need to make the modals of the guns that shoot those their respective gun instead of a rocket launcher

so what i did was make a child rocket launcher for each varrieant made a custome projectile for each and now i want to make the modals different but when i swaped the models and equiped the item the dev kit crashed

so i think that it might have been that i didnt put the right models in the right places and i didnt put in the animations

so is there a way to copy a the visual information of the simple pistol onto the blueprint of the rocket launcher or is there a way to take a child simple pistol and add the projectile feature to it and remove the hitscan like properties or and i hope i dont have to do this do i have to find all the modals and animations manualy and replace them all one at a time theres like 6 per each item and i have about 5

side question can i make particle effecs smaller because the muzzle flash on them makes it so you cant see i don’t know if i want to keep it like this maybe i will for balencing sake but if there is i would like to know

okay so i made a bp child of the rocket launcher that was made from the longneck rifle and searched animation then replaced everything then did the same with mesh it was painful and it took forever and when i equiped it it crashed so yea how can i do this

When making major changes to a weapon such as giving it a projectile, you want to make a copy not a child THEN re-parent it to the rocket launcher.
Also, make sure “Anim BluePrint Generated Class” under Mesh3P is set to none and the one under Mesh1P is set to the rifle.
Just to verify it’s correct, right now I copied the rifle, named it WeapRocketRifle re-parented it to the rocket launcher and the only thing different was “Anim BluePrint Generated Class” so I set it to none like the original rifle and voila:


I then right clicked my new rocket rifle and selected “Create Blueprint Based on This”, named it WeapRocketPistol, changed the animations, changed the clip count, changed the TPV and FPV mesh and got this:


Finally i set the pistol to use the plant projectile:


All said and done it took maybe 15 minutes. i’d suggest starting over with a fresh copy of the rifle. Once you have that working properly with your new projectile make a child of it for each other weapon you want to do. You can also do copies instead of children for each weapon if you want.

well i guess i will restart that because i did what you mentioned and it wouldn’t use my ammo and had the wrong icon and shot the regular hit scan type projectile let me try this again

okay so i did what you explained and the weapon still crafts a longneck that has the correct name but it wont take the ammo i assigned it and it doesn’t shoot a projectile

note that is when i craft it with the engram i have not tried to spawn it in

alright i did further testing and it seems to not be the reperanting but in general the item doesn’t want to use the perimeters i set in the weap blueprint i need to do further testing

i dont know what the hell i did but i fixed it thank you so much for the help P00k3r