Changing the locale in runtime not persistent after restarting the game

You need to create a save game and save/load your culture string before you set it. The setting will then persist between game runs, along with any other vars you care to put in the save game object.

It’s not part of GameUserSettings either so afaik you need to handle it this way. I did so for last project.
Good luck!

Hi, I am using the Localization Dashboard to localize my game.
Everything seems to work, I have a few buttons for testing so I can switch between different languages (right now only 2)

To change between languages I am using this node:

For what I understand, Save to Config will save the locale to GameSettings.

The problem I am having is, I can see the game changing in runtime, but if I close and open the game again, the language goes back to default which in my case is English.

I am testing on an standalone game not on PIE.

Is there anything I should do?

Do I have to force change the language obtaining the UserGameSettings? And it’s so how can I access that?

As far as I understand that wouldn’t change the language of the game?

Thank you I will try both optons, but I think my main problem it’s restarting the game itself.
The game goes back to the default language, it’s not persistent, so I am wondering if I am doing something wrong or this is not supported.

Try Set Current Culture instead.

Maybe you can set both. I don’t know for sure, but it seems to me that Language and Locale are already contained in the Culture, or maybe vice versa.

But then what’s the point of the “Save to Config” checkbox? I thought it was supposed to save it to a file and load it automatically.

Thanks! I was wondering if that would be the solution! I’ve already have my save/load system ready, so it wouldn’t be much effort to include the culture string as well.
I was hoping UE4 would have a system in place