Changing the linear damping of destructible mesh chunks

Hi there, i try to change the falling speed of the chunks of a destructible mesh. So far i figured out how to enable physics via blueprint and how to set various options for the physics simulation and linear damping works perfectly for what i want to do. I can dynamically change the falling speed of my mesh.

The problem is, this seems to be applied to the chunks only before the mesh fractures. As soon as the mesh is fractured i have no control over the linear damping anymore. My guess is that the chunks are not the same mesh as their parent!? I tried to get some kind of reference to the chunks out of the destructible mesh actor or casting it in some way, but without any luck … Help would be much appreciated!

Nobody? Not even a hint how destructible meshes are organized internally?

Hi Madsim,

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve entered a bug report for this issue with the chunks not honoring the set linear dampening when set via blueprints.

For your reference this is the ticket number for this issue: UE-6896.

Thank you!


Thanks a lot!

Did you find a workaround for this? I’m having the same issue with 4.8.1

Hi potoo, unfortunately I never solved this one. Tim wrote in his answer that there is a ticket for that. Maybe someone of the staff can give us a status on that ticket?

Destructibles really aren’t a priority for Epic at the moment. All of these issues are backlogged unless it’s a crash unfortunately. This is something we would like to change, but we just don’t have the resources to dedicate to it at the moment.