Changing the launch character depending on players velocity

Okay so I’m making a Spiderman game and I developed all the swinging mechanics. I also added a launch character system (When the character lets go of the web the character gets launched) and a sprinting system. But what happens is that whenever I swing and I’m sprinting I go flying off the map because its way to fast. So basically what I’m asking is can I change how much I launch the character depending on the velocity of the character?

Get velocity → Length = Speed of the character. Use this value to determine how much launch velocity to apply.

e.g. low speed = low launch velocity

I’m kind of confused. could u show me a picture?

The faster (speed) your character is moving, the less velocity you want to apply to the character launch. So you have to break that down in a manageable way. Hence Speed. Speed gives you a variable you can work with easily.

Just an FYI, Character Launch ADDS velocity to the current character velocity.

If your character is going 600cm/s and you pipe its velocity to the node you’re effectively adding 600cm/s to it. Thus 1200 cm/s

If you just want to add 200 to Z just put 200 on Z and don’t add it to char velocity. which would be current Z + 200 Z


The two boolean tick boxes on the bottom of the node are used to “replace” vs “adding to”.

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do I have to create the “char launch velocity” and “return node” functions? and was this all done in third person character event graph?

The functions are up to you. I use functions to keep my graphs clean and easy to read. Plus the bonus of local vars.

This was done in third person event graph.