Changing the Game Sound Volume With a Slider

I need to know how can I change every sound in the game (Explosions,Voices,Music,Etc) with a slider in my main menu widget.

Hello !!! you can set your slider like this and use the same variable in your Blueprint

Hey thanks for the answer but I want to change the volume of a Sound Cue (Not Audio Component). For example footsteps, I don’t know how I can change the volume of that Sound Cue since it plays only when the animation is playing. And not when you click or press a button, so you can change the volume in blueprint (Sorry if I got you confused or something let me know and i’ll try to explain more.)

Your sound cue is in the audio component

Here is my footstep function that my animation is calling with the anim notify

Alright I think I got it, thank you! someone told me to use sound class but since I don’t know how to use it i’ll stick with your way, Thanks again :slight_smile: