Changing the FOV in the Game Mode - Spectator?

Does anyone know how you can change the FOV of the GameMode?

Anywhere there’s a camera:


Thank you very much… but how do I get the right camera?
When you create the Level Blueprint, how do you start with the Camera?
Sorry I can’t follow with that … that’s what I am missing here.

Thank you so much for your help!

You have to give me a bit more info. Is it first person / 3rd person / other? Do you have extra characters etc?

No. All I am doing is using the PLAY Mode. That comes with the game itself.
So when you set your Project Settings–>

So it’s first person?

Anyway, I see you have more than one camera. You have to get a reference to the camera you want to set FOV on. So click it in the level, then go to the level BP, right click in the event graph:



EDIT: Naturally you can just also set the FOV in the actor settings anway, this is only if you want to change it at runtime.

Sorry… I am missing important steps and I can’t follow your suggestion.
I created this video for you now, to further explain:

thank you very much!

Hey! - thanks for the vid. You are in first person mode, so your camera is the first person camera. You can do it from the first person character BP. If you want to just change it manually:

If you want to be able to change it dynamically, you’ll need to write a bit of BP. I will watch the rest of your vid.

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You had it right in the level BP, it makes a reference to the last thing you click in the level!

But that’s not the player camera…

Ok, so what do you want to do with the FOV of the player camera?

Did you get there?..

nope… still not working… are you on discord or zoom? or slack or anywhere else?

Best I have is Skype… I’ll PM you

For setting up the default FOV of the spectator camera as you’ve indicated that you would like to set. You need to make a PlayerCameraManager Blueprint. In the details panel of the PlayerCameraManager blueprint under PlayerCameraManager rollout there is the default FOV that you set as desired.

Then create a Player Controller Blueprint. In its Class Settings - details panel set the Player Camera Manager Class to your PlayerCameraManager. In the project settings under maps and modes set the Player Controller class to your Player Controller BP. Now when you play the level that is not setup with any other camera/player adjustments it should default to your set FOV.