Changing the first person template's gun .

Hello guys, i am kinda finished with a small prototype of my game , but i need to change the basic FPGUN what comes with the template, into my own. But i have no idea how to do that.

Please anyone could answer my question here, or it’s better to add me on skype ( Simigla Roland, no profile picture, both 3 is me, please add all of them.) and help there.

please guys it is really important for me.

What version of the Unreal Engine are you using?

Open your player blueprint, find the FP_gun component and change its static mesh (or skeletal) to whatever mesh you want.

that is not that simple! if i change it to whatever i want, it will be rotated badly, and i can’t rotate it back, and scaled badly, and so on,

Ok… go to your firstperson mesh and rotate the socket to fit your weapon correctly (Add a preview asset for better adjustment)… or reimport your weapon mesh rotated correctly.

If you are using the 4.10+ First person template, inside your FirstPersonCharacter construction script there’s the node it is being attached, as well as the socket name.

that’s it! done it like that. thanks Gbr! :slight_smile:

Nice! :slight_smile: you’re welcome.