Changing the color of a light when clicked?

Hello, everyone.

I am currently working on a game that tasks the player with activating numerous turbines/generators. When activated, these objects should switch their light color from red to green to indicate that the generator is powered. To represent this, I’m using a Pawn. On click, does anyone know how I can get the color to change from red to green? I’d appreciate any suggestions or assistance I can get on this. Thanks in advance!

Make light either dynamic or moveable (also read some documentation about lights).
You cannot click on light so it needs to be connectyed to some actor you can click on, like turbine or switch. Again read documentation about references and pointers in unreal. Or just add that light together with turbine into single actor\blueprint. Then you can reference light easily with just drag and drop.

When you have light inside actor and proper reference to it, you can change its color (and other parameters) or sumpli make it visible\invisible.

You also can use google with “light turn of/off tutorial”: