Changing the Character Velocity by Shift+W

Hey Guys,

i’m trying to change the velocity of my player since hours but i cant get it work the way i want.

I simply want to press the “Shift” Key to slow down my player speed because i dont want him to run all the time. In the first place he should walk. I got it working with some maths, but this allways ends in that way, that the player moves forward by pressing the Shift Key WITHOUT pressing the “W” Key. I’m searching for hours now for a solution but i dont seem to find one.


Would be awesome if someone could help me.

Thanks in Advance !


this is my blueprint, doing what you want (enhancement of 3rd person blueprint), hope that helps:

don’t forget to set the “speed multiplier” variable value to 0.1, otherwise you will run until you pressed shift once :slight_smile:

Well… thanks for that. But… how did you do that ? I`m more used to creating chars etc… This Coding (or blueprinting) Stuff is kinda new to me… Cant see the multiplier in my List ? Did you create it ? And if so, how ?

Thanks ! (from Dresden :smiley: )

it worked !! Thanks again for the hint!! Es hat sich eine ganz neue Welt eröffnet !


What I do for walking/sprinting is make a new input action (shift key) and on pressed, just set the max walk speed up to where you want it… on released, set it back down to walk speed. Then you can edit the blend space and have walk anim at walk speed, and set the run anim for your shift press speed… W walks, shift+W runs and there’s a smooth transition between…