Changing the Bronto Platform Saddle Structure Limit

I’ve been trying to locate the Bronto Platform BP to change the saddle structure limit. I haven’t been able to find anything Bronto related in the Game folder. Am I doing something wrong or have they excluded the Bronto in the ADK?

The new platform saddle is not yet on the Devkit. We are still waiting for them to update the Devkit to 207…

Ah, shucks. Thanks for the heads up.

Surely the DEVs must have a reason to have it at 50.

Is it performance issues or ?

probably that if you have more than 50 its a little op, but it could very well be performance issues

anyways we can adjust via .ini now.

i have it at 1.5

will monitor server performance…

anyways cant wait for the lifts…

Just found it in the Raft and Bronto Platform Character BPs.

Search for “max saddle”.