Changing Statich Mesh of Direction

I want to change my ship’s direction but I cannot do it. It should look to X direction. I cannot rotate root component and I have no idea how I can do that. This is the image:

I am adding impulse to my ship and I get my ship’s world rotation and then forward vector but my ship goes through X direction and the problem is my ship nose looks to Y direction. So my ship goes to wrong direction. How can I edit it in the viewport? I hope it is clear now.

I basically wanna change pivot of the mesh. I am trying to make it more clear.

Select your mesh in the content browser, right click on it and select edit. In the edit window select the mesh and rotate it in the direction you want it changed.

In here: ???

Will not anyone help about this issiue? I stack here please help…

I solved my problem using Arrow component. I got arrow World Rotation instead Static Mesh’.