Changing Static Meshes

Hi, please see my image below:

So I was wanting to be able to take a copy of this basic wall mesh made in blender, and be able to set it up in a blueprint to both change the wide and height of it, but when changing the height, I don’t want to stretch the bottom border, just grab and move up the top vertices.

What I’m trying to understand is if I need to do this through a procedural mesh component, or if that is overkill for all I need to be able to do with this mesh/blueprint.

Thanks for any help or clarification on this.

I would split them into two meshes so scaling can be done on the specific chunk of the asset. You can use the same variable to scale width, but different ones for height.

Yup same, UE4 doesn’t have the functionality to grab and move individual vertices (that I know of) so think you’re best option is to split it into two meshes…