Changing Static Mesh in Blueprints

I have a tank, turret, and barrel, each with sockets and assembled in the viewport via snap to socket.
Everything works out for changing the static mesh during gameplay and the attached components also change socket locations, and stay attached to their parent static mesh (which is intended).

I am testing two different tank meshes, each with the turret located in different parts of the base mesh (one in center and one towards the back).

When I change from the tank mesh with the turret further back to the one with the turret in the center, the vehicle tilts forward. Physics are set to affect it and I believe that it is the center of gravity that has changed.

How can I reset the center of gravity when static meshes during gameplay? If this is not the problem, does anyone have input on this issue?

Performed a test.
The vehicle doesn’t flip or behave erratically when physics are not enabled.
However, it no longer reacts to the environment (rotating along other axes based on uneven terrain). It also will no longer move vertically toward the ground when leaving a higher plane.
Gravity is enabled.

I figured it out.
I detach everything before changing the static mesh, then reattached everything. Then the center of gravity remains intact per vehicle.
Updated for other users who want customizable vehicles.