Changing Spawn Character In Shooter Game

So I need to make a small game that asks math questions for my math class due Monday (long story)
I decided to use the Shooter Game example from Unreal Engine to make a quick game, and using the UMG system I can put all of the math questions in.
My problem is this:
I have 7 different levels with the same problem. 6 math question levels and 1 main menu. I need the game to just spawn a camera looking at the UMG system. Sounds easy? Well for some reason, Shooter Game is bent on spawning the HeroTPP in all circumstances. This makes it so that you can’t click any of the buttons since you are a character holding a gun, instead you are just shooting at stuff.
How can I make this just a camera?!

Will you be needing the character model anywhere during the game? If not then i’d suggest you to take a blank blueprint project. Or else you can set up a new character blueprint with just the camera and a capusle component. Alternately, you can just turn the rendering off for the mesh component in your firstpersoncharacter Blueprint.

I’m gonna need the character in at least 6 different scenes, so your suggestion if to make a new character blueprint that is just a camera and capsule. That sounds good, how do I do that in Blueprints (I’m new to it, but I’m starting to get the picture of it)

In that case, you can even try changing the visibility of your character mesh through blueprints.

But wouldn’t that still have the character shooting the weapons, just invisible now? Since its a menu with UMG, it would need to only use the mouse that can click the buttons. it would be nice to not show the character, but I still need to be able to push the buttons.

You can disable shooting from the character blueprint.

The blueprint didn’t do anything. I was supposed to edit the character blueprint correct? Not the world?

Double click on FPS character, first open blueprint then there are commanded box. Delete all "weapon " node like fire trigger and spawn ball. Once all weapon blueprint are deleted then go to 3d viewers and look in mesh list, delete arm and weapon prob… Now you have First Person view instead of FPS.

Hope this will help.