Changing source file path on multiple ue assets

I am re-organizing directory structure on source contents(fbx files). The problem is, it breaks reference path(Source File) on ue assets. For example, an animation sequence “Idle” was in “Character/Animations/Idle” folder. Now I moved it to “Characters/Animation/Navigation/Idle”. Then when you re-import the ue asset, it can’t find the path since the source fbx file was moved to the new folder. There is an option where you can set source file path, but it is not realistic to go through thousands of ue assets and updating one by one manually.

My questions is, is there any way to batch update source file path on multiple ue assets?


I would like to know that as well…anyone?

Just commenting because I’d like to know this as well. As I’m working on two different computers and transferring assets between them. It would be handy to change the asset source locations on mass.

Any updates on this? I need to do the exact same thing with hundreds of audio files.