Changing Sound effect settings at runtime saves them permanently

When I change the sound effect settings of a sound wave in a Blueprint, it always gets saved permanently in the sound wave file. Is that on purpose or is it a bug?

Hi! It is working in some another way

  1. You have Sound Assets - they are just initial SFX files. You can set some params there, but in general you just want to create some Sound Classes(see 2) and foreach Sound Asset set corresponding Sound Class.

  2. Sound Class - is a special category to distinguish one sort of sounds from another. For example, you can separate Dialog Sound Class, Music Sound Class, Effect Sound Class and so on.

  3. You have Sound Mixes. Those things are main to change audio settings

Also, you can see this

and other related…

Thank you for you answer. I think I’ll go with Source Busses then, as they can have Effect Chains, unlike Sound Classes. But I find it still weird, that changing Sound Wave settings in Blueprints saves them permanently.