Changing some the rules of forum

I strongly believe that some rules of forum are unfair:

“Posting private conversations between yourself and the moderation team / Team members at Epic without permission is a breach of the “Code of Conduct” of the Unreal Engine 4 forums”.

I feel that I was unfairly warned by moderator, and yet I according to rule cannot discuss openly in public, as to let others know what is happening and what others think about it, and perhaps tell me that the warning was as fair as possible.
I strongly object to such rules and I would like to know what other members of community think about it.

Thank you.

If you feel you were treated unfairly, forward the info to Epic staff so they can review it for you. However rule is in place because private conversations are meant to be private, any actions taken by moderators and staff are between you and the that person only. You are free to escalate it to a higher staff member, but posting info into the forums is not allowed.

Please ensure you follow the code of conduct / rules set forth on forum.

Thank you.

If you think that rule is unfair you can talk to the community manager to discuss it, although he may jump in here.

Also if you believe and action taken by a moderator was unfair feel free to PM the moderator to discus the actions taken or you can PM to put your side across, If he determines you were treated unfairly he will deal with it.

Hi, both of you, and .
Thank you for your reply and yes, I did indeed contacted regarding that matter.
doesn’t really change the fact. I’m aware of phenomenon called “rank closing” etc, and as I by now means want to insult anyone, I strongly feel that if I was warned by moderator and feel that was unjust I should feel free to discuss it in public so other members can see and perhaps voice their opinions. Otherwise it seems like I am not giving freedom of speech.

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Could you please stay away from derailing thread?
Thank you.

Hey smallB, Ive got not idea what happened, but I can tell you that starting discussing staff and moderation actions in public is catastrophic for a forum. Whenever someone doesn’t want to accept any warning or harder action of the moderators it will lead to completly pointless discussions, and could make moderators look bad in public that did not do any wrong. And that might lead to bans in the end, and then someone with really bad feelings continues ranting about the whole action elsewhere, making the forum look bad there.

Im not saying thats your intent at all. Im saying thats what gonna happen generally.

Leading a forum to stay a happy place is not easy, and forum is already surprisingly forgiving in what and how stuff is discussed. There are numerous threads on the verge of or over the point of whats against the rules, even there ending the discussion and locking the thread, in my opinion, comes quite late. Thats a great thing right?

Yes, it is great thing.
But I’m talking about situation where I feel that I’ve been really treated unjustly and simply would like to show it to the public and let the public decide if I’m right or not. isn’t bad thing either. And that would also help to keep moderators firmly on the ground and tell them that they must be just in their decisions.

rule is entirely fair and I support it. Both the public and Epic Games has trust in the moderation staff to be working for the best interest of the company & community. Attempting to poison that trust is highly unconducive. Moderators are, of course, just human and there is the potential that they will make mistakes. But it is not up to the community to judge them.

Contact Epic Games. There is no valid reason that you should be airing disputes with moderation staff with the general public.

is the reason I mentioned you are free to take it up with Epic staff, they do hold us accountable. We are here to enforce the rules set forth by Epic and help out in any other ways we can. I can assure you that we do not make these decisions based off our own opinions, the actions are taken only when necessary.

We want forum to be as open and transparent as possible, but private discussions need to be private. Epic is the one who will ultimately decide one way or another what is allowed since is their website.

Thank you for understanding. :slight_smile:

Hi ,
Thank you for your reply.

I’d also like to add that the moderation team usually talk about a decision before one is made with other moderators. isn’t necessary, But we like to make sure the right decision is made in a circumstance.

If you feel that the decision is incorrect, You are more then welcome to message either another moderator or one of the Epic support staff to discuss the situation. 9/10 the other moderators are all aware of the situation at hand and can better help you :slight_smile:

Hope helps!

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Yep, I am aware of that. That’s why I
a) Suggested to be public so the public can see and judge if I am unreasonable, or if moderator is unfair. What’s wrong with courts of justice being open to public?
b) As you’ve pointed out 9/10 of moderators are aware of that, that means discussion between you guys have been made, that’s why I wanted to be public, as to avoid so called “rank closing”.
I cannot imagine any moderator of forum taking my side (even if he knows that I’m correct), over the side of one of your own at the risk of being “that guy”. World would be perfect. But it isn’t. That’s why I don’t believe that I can be justly and fairly heard by any of you.

Even more, I, following the suggestion of yours and , decided to take the suggested route. That is keep conversation private and contact that moderator which I had the problem with. I did that. What happen? Immediately after my very first message, he intimated to me that I should stop harassing him and that he sees that conversation as closed.

I’ve explained (again) in my second email why I’m contacting him, and explained to him politely what I would expect from him.
He simply ignored me, even though I see him being active here today.
I’ve contacted with matter. He simply ignored me, even though I see him being active here today.

That’s why I wanted matter to be publicly available so community can see what’s happening and who is right and who is wrong.

I come from the East. Been thought all my life that there is no justice in my part of world and going official route will get you nowhere. Been also told that west is different. Better.
***** ****, the packaging is different but that’s the only difference.

Hey smallB - I’m not ignoring you, I haven’t had the opportunity to check my forum Inbox today, since it’s not easy to do from a phone and we’ve been preparing for GDC (I’m actually on a plane right now :slight_smile: ). I’ll have a look and get back with you as soon as I can. We always want to do right by our community.

Don’t want to sound sarcastic, but what’s the difference between checking forum from the phone and checking inbox from the phone?

The formatting for the pm inbox often funky & it auto quotes in all responses, just overall a less than ideal experience on a touch device. I’m usually around a computer so I usually avoid it :cool:. Having said that, I’m catching up on items now.

is the house that Epic built so with in their rights to state rules of entry.

As to posting private conversation my opinion is the OP is trying to create a debate on why their right and the rules are wrong with little of changing the rule they agreed to the moment someone posts.