changing slots via variable in GUS.ini file problem

I am having trouble with a piece of code I am sure is correct but does not seem to work in multi player mode although it does work in single player mode, this is the piece of code…

The problem I am having is that in single player mode the slots show as 0/1200 if the ini file has =1200 as a value for that particular bin, but when I try this in Muliplayer mode (on my server) is shows as 0/450 (the defaults) even though I can keep adding items over this number, I have tried using both ‘Authoriy’ and ‘Remote’ from the ‘SwitchHasAuthority’ and this does not help. Is there something in the blueprint that prevents it from showing correctly in multiplayer mode.

Any help would be appreciated.


Apparently I am told this is due to replication, I am looking now at how to do this.