Changing Skysphere Color in game

So i am trying to figure out if it’s possible to interact my SkySphere’s attributes in-game, specifically the horizon color

I think the Boolean function call tick might be an unclean way of doing this. But alas, a problem for another day.

Since the objects I wanted to interact with are inside of my level, I drug them into my level BP to call a function using a Boolean that triggers when a player gets to the end of level.

My Level Blueprint:
[screenshot]UE4Editor_2016-12-28_20-43-59.png&stc=1&d=1482987163[/screenshot] [screenshot]UE4Editor_2016-12-28_20-43-52.png&stc=1&d=1482987177[/screenshot]



The event seems to be running correctly when the booleans are triggered. However the sky never actually changes color… any help would be appreciated!

No news on this? I try to change Skysphere settings while playing as well, and all changes do not effect the Skyphere… also when i check refresh materials.

Got it, the Sky Sphere do not have any in game stuff, its all in the construction script. You have to do changes it in the Event Graph like this: Skysphere.png

I have a Controller Blueprint witch have the reference of the Sky-Sphere, this call the funktion an set the settings i want, u dont need a controller, you can do it in the level blueprint as well. You can copy all you needed attributes from the construction script and make your own Update functions like in my screenshot.

The best way i think is to copy the whole construction script stuff and make an Update Event, so u can change u stuff live and just call the Update if you want to commit it :slight_smile:

hf. Sam