Changing Size of Tile

So I’m pretty new to creating content with Unreal Engine, but here is what I’m trying to do.

I opened up a new file, I clicked on Top View and I’ve got a 3D box with a whole bunch of cubes. Everything is grey.
I wanted to change the texture on the floor, so I clicked on the floor and press Ctrl + E. This brings up the Asset Editor.
On the right hand side, I see a small panel that says Details, which allows me to choose a Texture. When I change the
Texture in here, it changes the appearance of the floor, but the tiles are way too big and there is nothing in the Asset
Editor that I can find to shrink them. Which option in the Asset Editor will shrink the size of the tiles that were drawn?

Plugging in a texture coordinate to the UV’s of the texture samples inside your material I beilve will fix this

I’m a beginner with this. I’m not sure what that means

Change the U/VTiling
Can also change scale from the details pannel of the object like a BSP