Changing size of player

Hey, I was trying to figure out how changing the size of the player mid-game could be done using blueprints, but I didn’t seem to find anything able to help me in my quest. What I would like for it to do is slowly scale up/down depending on whether you click left or right mouse button. If you have an idea how to do this, then please tell me :slight_smile:

Have a great day.

I made this solution in the past :
Only thing to not forget is that you need to set the location of the character once you’ve modified its size.

Nice setup :slight_smile:
Just an “artistical” suggestion. You should not compensate for the character to “fall down” after getting shrunk.
Its, in my oppinion, a bit more realistic as I intuitively imagine an objects or persons pivot at the center.
If you correct the position to keep the feet on the ground, it will appear as if the person has its pivot at the feet.
I always found it very awkward how the shrink ray effect looked in DN-Forever…:slight_smile:

Totally agree that when you scale lower size you can do nothing to have a funny “fall effect”. Trouble is when you scale higher size, if you don’t set Zlocation, you are underground :frowning: But it is possible to set it only when you size it higher to have fun effect and avoid issue.

Thanks man! Have a great day :slight_smile:

Something you can do is use “crouch maintains base location” when switching sizes. This will scale your mesh and capsule by the base instead of the center of your character, so you do not bounce into the air when shrinking. For detailed use cases on the node, check out the Paper2D sample in the learn tab called Unreal Stick Figure 2D, specifically dealing with the characters jump and crouch mechanics.