Changing RMB to pan in blueprint editor?

UE4 has very RMB (right mouse button) focused navigation, both for the flycam and panning in the blueprint editor. However, many content creation programs use LMB and MMB for navigation. This screws up my muscle memory switching between them.

Is there a way to change the editor controls? Just changing panning in the blueprint editor to MMB or LMB would be a huge improvement.


i second MMB for panning in BP. please give us options

I third it, MMB for pan and alt+RMB for zooming, even happy to do alt+MMB for the pan.

RMB for pan is so alien

It would be good to have this as an option next to invert MMB pan. (MMB for Orthographic PAN)

I would like to see this in all editors including orthographic view ports (Top, Left etc.)

It would also be nice to have sensitivity sliders for panning (alt+mmb) as well as zooming (alt+rmb, alt+rmb+lmb). It’s so very slow now to use a wacom tablet, which is sad since I don’t really want to use my mouse…

Still no solution for this? :frowning:

Yeah they did add support for this quite a while ago. Go to Editor Preferences and scroll down to graph editor (in the Content Editors section)

There you can choose Right, Middle or Both. (I set it to middle only). This unfortunately does NOT enabled it for orthographic views (they use MMB for measure)


Thanks Man. Yes not working in viewport orthographic views but still better than nothing.