Changing Position of Imported Matinee Camera

I’m importing a camera into UE4 using matinee, the biggest issue I’m having with it at the minute is I can’t move it after it’s imported so I can position it properly + wherever I want. unless I’m being a dolt of course. every attempt to fix it has been so convoluted and messy I feel like I’m doing it wrong.

Do I have to animate to world in Maya for it to import correctly? Even when I do that it comes it at a 90 degree offset for some reason. I’ve even tried making a camera rig and baking down animations onto that, but then I can’t control things like FOV, only things like where the camera moves.


I dont know if there is a better way to solve this, because I had the same 90º offset from Cinema 4D imported cameras, but what I did as a workaround is to place an empty actor in the scene, place it at 0, 0, 0, attach my cameras to the actor (wich works similar to parenting to a null, as you could expect in other programs) and rotate the actor -90 degrees.

You might see a different position in the editor in regards to what matinee will do, because the movement track will override your camera’s position as soon as the matinee starts playing; but the matinee tracks seem to work in local space, so, if you have baked animation externally and you dont want to change it, just parent (attach) it to another object and transform that object, wich wont be overriden by a matinee track.

Its worth noting that, similar to what happens for example in After Effects, after you unattach or unparent your actor it will keep its updated position in relation to his new parent or to the world position if there is none, so you can use this method as a sort of transform tools to correct issues of translation, rotation or scale offsets in imported meshes too. For example, using the position of your empty actor as a pivot point for a group of imported meshes in case their pivots are not located in the center of the world and you need them to. The exception to this would be a matinee camera, because the movement track will override any transform that you apply to your camera in the editor. Fortunately it does so in relation to local space, so in relation to his parent transformed space, which in that case you would keep.

Thanks for the response man, I kind of solved the issue a long time ago but it’s still an awkward thing to sort out that I hope gets fixed - makes cinematic stuff a lot easier to manage if I can do it straight within the program I’m used to working with for that stuff.

Either way I made a tutorial on it that might of worked for it. I should have posted it her a long time ago though.

HI, i’m also stuck oin this problem… Ik would very much like to see to video pleas.
If it still exists?
would realy help me out a lot T_T