Changing physics state

Hi there!

Is there any way to change physics state from within the character or animation blueprint? I’m trying to use the walking physics state for something but I don’t see any “Set physics” function in the blueprint system.
Can anyone tell me what I must do to change that?


Do you mean the states inside the CharacterMovementComponent logic (ie falling vs walking?)

Well, I read here something about root bone motion.
Right at the bottom of the page.
“The physics state of the Character is taken into account during Root Motion. For example, if the character physics is Walking or Falling, then the Z-axis of Root Motion will be ignored, and gravity will be applied.”

I’m guessing it’s talking about the physics states, like the ones UE3 had (fall, glide, swimming, etc…). Does this exist in UE4? Is the info in that page properly updated? If so, how do I change that? I REALLY need to ignore Z-axis root bone motion.