Changing partial effects

Hey everyone I have a question about particle effects. I am currently working on a torch mod and I have made a couple different hand torches. I want to be able to change the flame effect with other particle effects already in the dev kit. Some of the new effects i use work but some dont. Everything works when testing it in the dev kit but they don’t show up in single player or on my private server. What could be going wrong? Thanks in advance for any help.

You need to copy the effect in your mod folder. The reason why it’s not showing up ingame is, the effect is not in the game only in the dev kit. Do copy the effect in your mod folder, be sure the mod so use the effect in your mod folder, cook it and it will show up in the game.

Thanks for the help Sicco0803. One more question I have is now that I have done that the particles show up but not the artwork. I used a bug particle effect and in the dev kit you see the bugs but in game I just see little squares that should be the bugs.

Most particle systems have base materials in the nodes under the “Required” section. You’ll also need to copy those materials as well as any textures those materials may use then make your new particle system use your copies.

Thanks P0k3r that did the trick.