Changing movement modes using custom movement component


I needed hanging custom movement mode for my game and probably need some more movement modes, so I created a new movement component which inherits from

I set up my custom movement component using ObjectInitalizer which is shown on the next line:

AGameCharacter::AGameCharacter(const FObjectInitializer& ObjectInitializer) :


For next, I had SetMovementMode function and PhysCustom function both overridden. In SetMovementMode function I can do the setup for my hanging custom movement mode as shown in the following line:

void UGameCharacterMovementComponent::SetMovementMode(EMovementMode NewMovementMode, uint8 NewCustomMode)
Super::SetMovementMode(NewMovementMode, NewCustomMode);
if (NewMovementMode == EMovementMode::MOVE_Custom && NewCustomMode == (uint8)ECustomMovementModes::MOVE_Hang)

And I am not aware what PhysCustom function is for, many threads suggested overriding it.

However, the problem is - whenever I change my movement mode to custom movement mode such as hanging and in my jump function for example I want to change the movement mode to falling, the movement mode won’t update itself anymore and it will stay in Falling movement mode.
When I print out movement mode continously and jump afterwards it will change between Falling and Walking, but the character will always stay on ground.

I am not sure what I should do to overcome this problem as I can’t find much information on the internet.

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EDIT: Even when switching between non-custom movement modes, the movement modes won’t change properly. I believe the problem is somewhere in the new custom movement component.

I am not overly sure, but might the problem be that I basically added a new State and I don’t have to transition lines between the added state and already existing ones? Although when I change movement mode to falling, the transition should be clear that at some point the next movement mode is walking?

Or I understand this terribly wrong.

I’m currently trying to do the same thing and I noticed this was posted 2 years ago. Did you ever find a solution to this?