Changing Montage Group/Slot results in DefaultGroup.Slotname

Anim Montage Slots are always placed within DefaultGroup after restart.
After that, they cannot be changed anymore.
Overall the Slot Management is quite buggy. Sometimes Slots are duplicated in the desired Group AND DefaultGroup.

Hi Raildex_,

Thank you for reporting this. We’ve gotten a few reports of this already and have it entered as UE-21647 in our system. It is marked as fixed for a future release, but will not make it into 4.11.


as i Understand , this bug has been around for years.

As much as I trust Epic is taking serious concern in this , is there a provided workaround. I don’t need it to be pretty , just workable. right now multiple group is absolutely not working. how can we at least get multiple group to work

Hey Frozenfire,

There is currently no workaround for the issue, but a fix is in place for a future release. Thank you for your patience.

EDIT: I dug through github for you and you can integrate the changes to ObjectVersion.h, .h, and .cpp from this commit. I cannot guarantee stability with 4.11 with these changes, but those are the fixes.


Hi . I see it’s still a bug in UE5.03 Lmao