Changing Mixamo's characters properties

Ok, so I got the mixamo pack and I’m already using the goblin for some stuff and I changed my character to Ganfault, I made most of the changes I wanted to him, like making him pickup a sword from the environment and equip it. But I wanted to change his movement properties, but I can’t find where, I’m pretty noob concerning animation’ish stuff in UE4…

So I just wanted to change his run into a straight forward full speed running instead of a slowly accelerating sprint, and I wanted to change the idle jump of mixamo characters so that the idle jump is really a jump and not just that… thing… the running jump is pretty good, can I change the idle jump to have the same control that the running jump has? Also, he seems to shift his animation quickly into the running animation mid-air… Is there a way to change that?

For now the most important thing is to change the idle jump into something more useful…

I think you can simply change the acceleration on the CharacterMovement of your Character. To change the animation, you should watch some of the animation tutorials on how to modify them. That being said: It’s not so easy to create good animations.

I don’t even want to create animations, I just want to cut and delete some of them out.