Changing mesh from parent class

I’ve created a actor blueprint (name BoxActor) with a mesh component named Mesh. After that I’ve created another blueprint extending from the BoxActor. I can see Mesh there, but I can’t change it. Why?

Is there any way to change the mesh without using bp blocks?

Hey -

The blueprint that extends from BoxActor is meant to inherent the behavior of its parent while having the option for additional functionality. Changes made to BoxActor would appear in the child blueprint however the child is unable to change the properties of the parent. Hope this information is useful.


Yes I understand:)

BUT there is a Character blueprint that you can extend off and there is a Mesh Component that is empty and you can change it if you want.

How to create something like this using custom blueprints?

Hey -

Your best choices would be to either set the mesh how you want it inside the construction script of the blueprint or to remove the mesh component from the parent and add it directly to the child blueprint. I will have to look into the mesh component of the character blueprint, but I don’t believe that is supposed to be the case.