Changing materials help

Hello everyone. First i wanna say that im new in ue4 and blueprint so i don’t know much about it.

I created and imported this guy in the engine and now i want to change the material of his shirt in another blueprint. My problem is, i don’t know what to target when setting the material.

This should be a simple way to fix it. As far as I know it should work, just follow the steps below.

-Get player pawn
-Cast player pawn to FirstPersonCharacter
-Drag pin off the return of the cast and get char(Your skeletal mesh component)
-hook char up to the target and it should work!

hope that helps!

I’m now having this error:

Just ignore this “get charcreation” error, that has nothing to do with this-

Hi Randomguydoa,

Currently, your cast isn’t actually doing anything as it isn’t receiving an execution. You will either need to convert the node to a pure cast so it doesn’t require the execution, or plug the cast into your execution chain before attempting to alter the material.

Hello . Everything is working perfectly fine now. Thank you both for your help! :slight_smile:

Since you said you were new I thought I would check: are the materials you are trying to switch between essentially the same thing but with a different texture sample or number value somewhere? You can make a material instance to save on compiling shaders if they are :slight_smile: