Changing material of character on network?


I need help for changing material on a character on network. I’m really confused as to why it’s not working.

Here is how I do it:


This is my character blueprint where I tell him to change his mesh color depending on his color variable. I tried it and it works in certain situations but never replicates properly (note: here I said “run on server” but I tried “multicast” and it’s not working either). I’m wondering if I’m doing this the right way.

Here is my other blueprint (the gamemode one that sets the variable from a save file):


The color variable is fine but I’m wondering if “Begin play” is executed before “Possess” or not.

Anyway, I tried everything with “Authority” too and it’s not working either. When I experiment with the functions, sometimes only my client can see the colors properly, sometimes only the server… I’m lost as to how I could make it work on both…

Thank you!

I’m interested in this too. So Bump

Please some help?