changing lightmass without switching levels

hay guys, so I’m creating an interior of an apartment and all the lights in the apartment are set to static, i backed the lightmass and all is fine and dandy.
now i want to switch between 2 types of lightmass, one for night lighting bake and one for day lighting bake.
I know that I can create 2 levels with 2 lightbakes (one day and one night) and then create an empty level and put the 2 levels as sub-levels and switch between them. the problem is that when i switch between them the player location restarts to the levels beginning and also the main menu starts up because it is set to play at the beginning of each level, so this way is no good for me.
i need to just change the lightmass without changing the actual level, is there a way to do so?

Sounds like you want Lighting Scenarios

no, that wont work for me, my main level starts with a main menu that contains a cinametic with object from itself, so if i switch lighting scenarios the level restarts and:
1.the character goes back to square one.
2.the main menu and cinametic start playing.
i want to change the lighting scenario without sending the player to square one and going to the main menu.

lighting scenarios are good for levels without blueprints in it, no menus or widgets or interaction, only 2 levels with different lightingmasses.

also if i try lighting scenarios the second scenario my character falles through the floor

Changing lighting scenarios shouldn’t have any impact on logic if they’re set up correctly.

All the important actors and widgets go in the main Persistent level and then only the lights go in each of the scenarios. If your character falls through the floor when changing it sounds like something isn’t right.