Changing light intensity/brightness - better to use Blueprint or Matinee?

Hi everyone,

I’m making a scenario where the player presses a certain button, and the lights need to change to a lower intensity/brightness. When they press the button again, the lights return to full brightness etc. I was just wondering if it would be better to do this entire thing in blueprint via the nodes, or to use matinee - i.e. , when button is pressed, play matinee to set light intensity to 400 for example. When button is pressed again, play separate matinee that makes the intensity go to 800 (or at least I believe this is possible!) What do you think?

Any help would be fantastic! Thanks very much


Hey Sean,

I would recommend using blueprints for this since you’ll have everything in one place and can easily make modifications and extensions if needed. You’ll also only need a single blueprint which you can reuse for all identical lights in your game, whereas matinee would require multiple sequences for separate lights.

I’d suggest blueprint for simplicity

Wow, fantastic! Thank you so very much you two for your help, really appreciated! Have a great day!