Changing light color when entering volume trigger

This is actually my first BP test and I can’t seem to get it working. When I enter the volume the light turns from its initial color to white. It should be changing to a random color each time I enter the volume. I have verified through debugging that the events are indeed firing when I enter the volume and again the light does change, but never a randomized color like I am trying to achieve through random floats.

I attempted to search for “set light color” involving ue4, but was not able to find anything, which seemed weird.


Thank you.

Try Random Float in Range instead of Random Float and set it’s min. to 0 and max to 1 then plug them directly to Make Color.

Thank you Jacky. The key was the 0 to 1 range. Make linearColor still worked fine after I ensured the range was 0 to 1. Would I have found this in any documentation? A lot of web searches I perform do not seem to reveal a lot of information on these ue4 functions. Thanks again.

one question, how is the function after Random Float? I am kind a very great noob, so I can’t find it ^^