Changing Levels causes display to appear zoomed in

I have built a scene that uses Widget Blueprints. I have button on a persistent HUD that when clicked takes you to a new Level and new Widget HUD.

When I open a built game, the initial screen is fine. It fits the monitor perfectly. However, when I click a button to load a new Level and Widget, the screen looks zoomed in and everything is huge.

I’m pretty new to UE so most of the parameters are default. I haven’t done any resolution or other modifications that are custom per se. Being new to UE, I’m not sure where to start looking to solve this issue.

This is a proprietary project so I can’t show screenshots. But, imagine an archvis environment, say a living room. On the left is a Widget with 5 buttons. Each button takes you to a new room (Level) and loads the new Widget for that room on the left. So the Widget for each level is just a box on the left, about 1/5th the screen width, that has 5 buttons in it. The left panel never goes away.

I can’t figure out why it zooms in as if really enlarged when I click a button and load a new level and widget.

Silly question but does the camera change from one level, maybe something manually assigns FOV when you transition?
Also are there any active level blueprints?

This is an interesting question. There is no camera, just the same Player Start in each level. I’m not exactly sure what you mean but “are there any active level blueprints”. I guess you mean some other blueprint that’s running which could affect FOV. No, the only blueprints running are an actor that’s a display plane for videos or photos to run on. It’s a Media Player.

In UE4 each level can have its own level blueprint. You find it under the toolbar in Blueprints → Open level blueprint. It’s separate from the actor blueprints.

Strange issue.

Sure, yes, I see what you were asking. I know about each map’s own Level BP. Yes, each of my levels have their own BP. So, when a button is clicked, the corresponding level (with it’s own BP) loads.

I just tested a very simple scene. I started a new game with a default 3rd person level. I placed a basic cube in it. I duplicated that level to made two more, levels 2 and 3. Level 2 has two cubes and Level 3 has three cubes. In the BP of each level, I setup key strokes ‘Pressed’ events (I,O,P) to ‘Open’ the levels. Key “I” opens level 1, key “O” opens level 2, etc. I build that and open the .exe. The first level 1 opens fine. But when I hit the “O” key to open level 2, I get the same problems, the screen enlarges and freezes.

So, it appears that in my limited knowledge of UE4 and level switching, I’m not doing something I need to be doing.

In fact, here is my simple scene if anyone wants to test it for me and see what I’m doing wrong. I’d appreciate the help as I’m late on a deadline. I’ve done many detailed Archviz projects that don’t change levels and they have always been great and worked well. This is my first attempt to change levels and it’s really frustrating me.