Changing landscape material partially

So I’m trying to create a dynamic weather system right now and I was wondering if there is a way to change the landscape material roughness only at some places. Say it is raining only in a radius of 2 km and I wanted to reduce the roughness of the ground texture but only in that radius so it looks like the ground is wet ? Is that somehow possible ?

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

Is it possible to vertex paint the “wet” parts of the landscape and then just lerp them in once it starts raining ? Or is it done through huge wet decals ? Or something entirely different ? I’m quite new to this :frowning:

So it’s not possible to change the landscape partially ?

You could do it like that:

  1. use decals which you spawn at those locations
  2. use different kind of masks + a lerp node to use different roughness values on different parts
  3. you could try to add a systems like this to your landscape -> :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the suggestions! Will try everything out! So there is a way of masking the landscape somehow ? I’m also wondering how the wetness on this sand beach was done:


Any ideas maybe ? :slight_smile:

  1. just create a top down picture of your landscape (or use the heightmap) + paint pure white on the parts where the effect should be displayed + make everything elese black -> now you can use it as a mask
  2. dont know a good way to create something like that, but probably his thread will lead you into the right direction: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?77450-WIP-Sandbeach-Ocean-Terrain :slight_smile: