Changing JumpZVelocity

Ok, I’m trying to make a charge jump where jump height is increased based on how long you hold down the button. I’ve put something together that should be working, but isn’t.

The charge changes JumpZVelocity from 450 up to 1450, then sets it back. Everything is working right, the strings are coming back saying that JumpZVelocity has been changed, BUT, the jump height isn’t actually changing. If I go and change the default jump height to 1450, I jump as high as you’d expect, but changing it to 1450 with the charge mechanic is not doing it. Am I missing something?

I have a feeling that the Jump is applying the Jump Z Velocity over a period of time. So what is probably happening is that it applies the new jump velocity for a frame, then it is going back to using the default jump velocity for the rest of the time that it is applying force.

If you just break of the setting of the default Jump Z Velocity to the OnLanded event it should work.

Your feeling is correct! I’ll need to change my strategy for double jumps now…


Thank you :slight_smile: