Changing items players spawn with

Where do I go to change these values? Just working with editor at the moment but would also be good for final map.

Found it. Sorry for extra post.

Still having issues. I’ve changed the items, and referenced my new playerpawntest, but it doesn’t want to use my changes? I copied, rather than made a child of the original, so that I could modify the primalinventory1, but it still seems to be overridden some where.

Any ideas?

Does it work with the PIE(Play-In-Editor)?

Or are you referring to after you cook it and try to play in the actual game?

Did you make sure it is referenced under your custom TestGameMode?

It’s referenced in my testgamemode for sure

I’ve only tested it with PIE at the moment

Mod done


It’s work in v185+.
I created a Spawn Pack mod available on Steam Workshop
The sources are available on GitHub

thx a lot ! been trying to get the hang of the unreal editor and the options, gonna try and create some type of defense mode game, this will be a great help. PS will make sure to give you the credit if i use any code/anything.

Would you mind explaining what you did? I’m still having issues.

I follow the mod tutorial video and the default inventory change.

  1. Create a folder in Mod directory
  2. Copy Mod\GenericMod content to your mod directory
  3. Rename the blueprint and level
  4. Copy PackPlayerPawnTest, PlayerPawnTest_Female and PlayerPawnTest_Male to your mod directory
  5. Rename PlayerPawnTest, PlayerPawnTest_Female and PlayerPawnTest_Male (ex: MyModPlayerPawnTest, MyModPlayerPawnTest_Female, MyModPlayerPawnTest_Male)
  6. Reparent MyModPlayerPawnTestMale and MyModPlayerPawnTest_Female to MyModPlayerPawnTest
  7. Open your PrimalGameData_BP and set male character blueprint to your PlayerPawnTest_Male and female blueprint to your PlayerPawnTest_Female. Set Default GameMode to your TestGameMode.
  8. Open your level (copied from GenericMod) and open World Setting and set PrimalGameData override to your PrimalGameData
  9. Open your PlayerPawnTest, go to Components, open PrimalInventory1, go to Default Inventory Items and add your items.



I’m curious about the ‘Reserved Zone’ you have in green. What does that affect or change and when making this did you ever have issues while testing of a loop back to the main menu? I’ve basically tried to copy your steps, several times, without actually copying your items (thought I did dl them from you github and try to mirror them in the Ark Dev Kit) and while it works fine in PIE it will not load into a singleplayer game within the client.

Did you start on a fresh map? Had that issue, but starting on a fresh map solved it. Back up TheIsland.ark in yor save directory and start a new game.

You mean within the editor or the ARK client? I have loaded both TheIsland and the Default level with it working, in the editor, but on the ARK client it simply loops back to the main menu after the primal load.

Sorry if I’m not entirely getting what you’re saying.

I was referring to going into your ark\shootergame\saved\savedarkslocal folder and making a backup of TheIsland.ark file (ex. TheIslandBackup.ark) and then going into the client and starting a game with your mod. But, if you are simply looping back to the main menu, then there is something else wrong. If you were attempting to play on a previously saved game with modifications to the playerpawntest, the changes would not take effect until you reset the map. Oddly enough, your character doesn’t have to be reset. As to why you can’t get past primalgamedata_BP loading, is your primalgamedata_BP_(custom) parented to the original? Is your testgamemode_(custom) duplicated? In test game mode you need to set the player pawn class to playerpawntest_(custom).

My PrimalGameData was not parented to the original, if I do that it causes the ARK Dev Kit to crash when I try to test it inside the PIE. I did, however, parent it, upload it, re-download it, and try it again with it parented to the original with no difference in my ARK game. My TestGameMode is duplicated (from Generic Mod as all the items are) and I have set the Default Pawn class like in your image linked. I’ve tried it both ways, neither of which change the outcome in the PIE (both work) nor the actual game (revert back to the main menu). I also am getting some load errors in the Dev Kit when I start it so maybe I’ll just re-install it and see what happens.

Hi, I pretty much follwed this thread but my player does not spawn with any items at all. Is this too far out of date?

This is now working, not sure why it didn’t work in SP but it is working on the server. The problem I now have is the item quality, some are high quality items and I want them to spawn with the basic quality items. How can I do this ?

in the same inventory bp you added the items, look for “Default Inventory Qualities”
You need to add a new element for each item you have added. Set it to 0 for base quality, 5 for ascendant

Thanks for the info

I assume I need to match an inventory quality for each item I put in the inventory?

I have been thingking about this. What I really want to do is give a sort of starter kit to new players on the server, but not once they are established. How woild I go about having the items spawn only for players who havn’t the option ofa bed spawn point?