Changing HLOD settings for sub-levels is suddenly not working

Hi there,

Since a few days Unreal lets me not bake the HLOD proxies any more within the Hirarchical Lod window. It only displays "Changing the HLOD settings is disabled for sub-levels). However a week ago it worked absolutely fine. Funny enough, if I duplicate the level (file) it works again, but only once and then it starts again. Did i flip a switch somewhere which forces this behavior?

We have many “sub-levels” within our scene and yes, if I open the main scene with all the levels in there it never worked, however if I open one of the sub-levels separately it usually let me change the settings and also generate clusters and meshes.

Trying to build the hlod proxies using the build-dropdown in the editor always results in a non responsive (idling) editor.

I seems as if UE treats any level as a sub level… even if there is only that level in the folder…

Thanks for any pointer in the right direction,