Changing height of the Pelvis

Hello :slight_smile:

I have 2 sets of animations. The first is Idle which is fine and the characters feet touch the floor nicely. The second however when activated with the right mouse button his feet and half his shin go through the floor.

If I move the pelvis bone up on the second it then makes the first animation floating. How can i re-position the second animation to the same height as the first?

Thanks for any help!

Images for reference:


You’ll probably need to lift up the animation sticking through the floor. If you adjust the character, it’ll affect all other animations, you need to just adjust the offending animation itself. Considering it’s the animation at fault and not something else… whatever it may be.

Thanks for the response was just about to ask if anyone had any idea! As I’m still struggling with it! How does one lift just the offending animation up? When I move just the equip weapon animation up it still effects every other animation to do with that character…

Thanks again.

You can use animation layer:

Nice one thank you!