Changing harvest damage

Relatively new to modding…what’s the best way to go about doing this if I’ve created a new weapon? Am I going to need to create a new DmgType blueprint and then add that to every resource node, or can I just increase the weapon’s damage? Thanks!

I’m working on a primitive equipment mod and i’m creating new tools, what i discovered was, increasing the weapon damage doesn’t affect the harvest that much, you would really have to OP the tool (doing a lot of damage to players and dinos) to have a good impact on the harvest.

What I do was create a childe of the DmgType which fits the harvest amount the best and than play a little with the damage amount.

The moste effective was is to create a new DmgType and reference it in all the Harvest-components BPs wit he amounts you want but this changes core files as I understand so I didn’t want to go that way.