Changing hairstyles - how the heck do you do it?

It’s not too hard to create beautiful hair on a character - especially with the upcoming 4.11 stuff.

But I’m having some real issues trying to figure out how to swap out hairstyles, and, even worse, making it follow morph targets - god forbid someone makes the head bigger and it winds up giving them a receding hairline.

My best guess involves making a ‘skullcap’, duplicating the morph targets of the head, and parenting that to the head bone, but I’m not entirely convinced that’s the right way.

Any thoughts? (I don’t even want to get into adding hats. I will, mind you…)

I think that’s really all you can do–make the hair a separate mesh with morph targets
The only issue though might be physics simulations for longer hair, which depends on how you achieve that type of thing.

Well, yeah, I wasn’t getting into that section of fun yet - got it working independently, and all. Sort of. That Maya Apex plugin likes to crash a lot.

I was thinking maybe something could be done with merge actors, but it’s kind of dubious and I don’t really think we can rely on it on the fly.