Changing Gravity Axis via Player Input?

This is exactly what I’m talking about. How do I achieve it? Can it be done with the Blueprint system or does it require coding? I am very new to Unreal 4 so this may be way above my experience level but I’d like to give it a shot. Any help greatly appreciated.

I would like to know it too.

This has been one of the holy grails ever since UE3. LOL It still plagues the forums. We all want to know how to do it, as far as I know- nobody’s ever done it. You could build a library out of the attempts though. Bottom line is this, as far as I know, in UE3 and UE4 down is down. Down will always be down. You can get a character to stick to the ceiling and walk, you can get a character to stick to the wall and walk. But the physics engine will still say ‘DOWN IS DOWN’. And you’ll find yourself bouncing on your head (or your arm) still perfectly aligned to the floor. The solution has always been - rotate the world around the character and create a bunch of crazy physics for everything else. Somewhere, deep in the code there is probably a way to do it. I seriously doubt you can do it with blueprints. I seriously doubt it will ever be something that is considered ‘simple’ or ‘easy’. But, as I said, it’s a code I don’t think anyone has ever convincingly cracked.